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  • 05Availability in All Timezones
  • 06Risk Mitigation

Hire Virtual CTO.

AquSag Technologies offers cutting-edge Virtual CTO services or CTO consulting. Our highly experienced technical expertise supports your IT initiatives, tools & technology selection, and manages technology infrastructure. We support businesses as consulting CTO and solve their most complex technology problems. Our wide range of unique Virtual CTO services are chosen explicitly for your business needs and are available in your time zone through your preferred communication medium.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

Our Virtual CTO Services.

We lead your company towards innovation and technology growth.

Project Delivery & Management

Our technology consulting and analysis enables deep IT audit, assessment, and evaluation for advising suitable technology strategy.

Project Planning

We provide guidance on your IT projects and implement best practices to optimize operations and cost-efficient technology investments.

Project Delivery & Management

Our virtual CTO services manage your IT project operations from development, implementation, and integration to deploy the project on time.

Project Scaling

We analyze and assess your current technology and project processes and upgrade you to the best technology setup for maximum investment value.

Business Risk Management & Recovery Plan

We craft a recovery plan to help you respond effectively during an incident or crisis that can affect your business.

Technology Roadmap

We plan and implement the most suitable technologies according to your project scope, timelines, and lifecycle and frame KPIs to assess technological performance.

Benefits of Hiring CTO Services for Your Business

Business Growth

Accelerate business growth by enabling scalable infrastructure, technical strategy, and innovation.

Reduced Risk

Reduced operational risks, software bloat, gained resiliency, and improved risk mitigation strategy.

Optimized Cost

Fulfill your business goals and deliver immediate value with more cost-efficient tech strategies.

IT Support

Provide support to your IT initiatives, outline tech strategies, and manage technology infrastructure.

Dedicated Expertise

Transform the as per industry market trends with long-term financial planning.

What Makes AquSag Technologies a Reliable CTO as a Service Provider?

We ensure that our deliverables comply with your vision and fulfill your business objectives.

Proven Leadership and Guidance.

We are the industry leader with 14+ years of experience with a team of 220+ professionals. With our technical skills, we guide you to achieve your business goals.

Extensive Experience

We have worked with 1500+ clients on more than 5100+ projects from versatile market domains through our long-term experience of more than 14 years.

Modern Technology Solutions

We are a team of experienced individuals in various technologies that outline your tech strategies and approaches explicitly designed for your business needs.

Hire Virtual CTO Team at AquSag Technologies in 5 Steps


Requirement Analysis

We help in crafting the ideal skill requirements, visualizing your plans, and evaluating your company’s needs.

Virtual Meeting

We conduct a virtual meeting and help in following a well-organized interview process.

Project Management

We help in strategizing an explicit project model designed to deliver value to the organization.

Product Engineering

We fabricate technology strategies fit for your business needs and budget that take your company to new heights.


Our business strategy focuses on effective team coordination and timely delivery of the projects.