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Our Android App Developers are in Demand for Their Expertise

We have a team of Android application developers who can help you rule the most popular mobile platform with a competitive app.

Custom Android Solutions

Our developers create an intuitive and high-performing Android app according to your specifications. You can hire an Android app developer from us for anything under the umbrella of end-to-end development services like MVP development, testing, and maintenance.

Full-Stack Android App Development

Our professional Android developers have delivered thousands of apps that helped businesses to outshine competitors. With extensive experience, our professionals can take care of the complete Android app development which includes front-end as well back-end.

AI-Based Apps

Get an app with AI-based features like face recognition, personalized search results, chatbots, etc. with the support of our app developers. They possess expertise in artificial intelligence technology and its subsets like Machine Learning.

Blockchain-Based Android Apps

Our Android app developers possess expertise in ICO, Ethereum, Smart Contract, Crowdsale, wallet development, etc. This helps them deliver a secure blockchain app with advanced data safety, distributed ledger, independent verification, and better transparency.

AR/VR Android Apps

Every industry is using augmented reality and virtual reality to render an enhanced user experience. With our Android application developers who are experts in leveraging AR/VR, you can get an interactive and intuitive app for the end-users and take your app to an all-new height.

Wearable App Development

Our Android app developers leverage technologies like AI, AR, and IoT to connect people through wearable devices like Android wears and Google glasses. We are working on various niches to deliver unmatched wearable app solutions.

Are You Ready to Hire Android App Developers in the Next 8 Hours ?

01 Shortlist

We don’t want our customers to compromise therefore we follow a transparent process in which we share CVs of our adept developers. We give you the choice to choose the Android developer according to you as Android versions are upgrading with time. We finish the shortlisting process within four business hours as per the requirement.


We give you freedom to interview developers and evaluate them on the basis of experience, skills, attitude, communication, knowledge, etc. We share the CVs of developers so that the screening process becomes easier. If you don’t find a suitable developer based on your project we share another new set of CVs with you.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

To start your project smoothly we organised an introductory call between you, account manager and the hired Android developer. Onboarding process will be done through the creation of Slack or Trello boards so that seamless communication can be done.

Why Should You Hire Offshore Android App Developers?

If you want fast and battery-efficient app development, hire Android app developers from our company as they efficiently work on minute details and provide right solutions. AquSag Technologies is an absolute destination to avail of cost-effective and risk-free solutions.

All Risks Covered

The Android community backfires quite quickly if even a little degree of security is compromised. With in-house Android developers, you will have to take the complete responsibility but when you outsource developers, they share this risk. This assures the most trusted outcome.

All-round Experience

Offshore Android developers work on multiple technologies for varied businesses. This allows them to learn troubleshooting and new skills at the same time and improve their existing talents to serve clients with scalable and secure apps. It is only possible when the developers work with outsourcing firms.

Eliminates Training Cost

When you hire an Android app developer from AquSag Technologies, you are hiring a resource who is well-trained and experienced. They are not similar to in-house developers on whom businesses are required to spend thousands just for training.

Improves ROI

You will pay less and avail more by hiring offshore Android application developers. The costs involved in R & D and support is minimized as our senior developers will constantly stay in touch with the resources to clarify their real-time doubts.

No Demand for infrastructure

All the associated costs related to infrastructure, internet, workstation, security, phone, health benefits and so on will be taken care of by AquSag Technologies. Only cost you have to pay is related to the work for which you hire our professionals, rest everything is ours.

Round a clock Availability

If you hire our adept offshore Android developers you don’t have to worry about time. Our developers work according to your time-zone and convenience. They will provide you outstanding services and available 24/7 for work related updates, feedback, and discussions. You can choose the communication tools according to you like Slack, Zoom, Webex, Skype, Trello or Jira.

Choose The Right Model to Hire Android Application Developers

Time & Material

You can completely trust our team of Android developers and can choose the hiring model where you pay for the time they take to complete a task. This is suitable where you have recurring and small tasks. This involves lower risk and you will get supreme work at lower cost.

Dedicated Hiring

If you have a long-term project then you can hire our Android application developers for a monthly basis for a stipulated time period. Under this model, the development process becomes economical and fast. Our developers will work devotedly to your project.

Build Your Team

In this model, you can hire a complete team. If your business is looking forward to increasing your team size by hiring offshore Android developers then this is suitable for you. If you hire local developers in Europe, Australia, or in the USA then it will cost you 50-70% more. Hence, hiring offshore developers will save your cost tremendously.