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Hire Dedicated RoR Developers with In-demand Expertise

We have a team of dedicated RoR developers that work according to the business requirements and deliver a feature-packed website or app.

Custom RoR Web Development

Our team of RoR developers helps in adding a robust back-end dimension to the front-end part of a web solution. We ensure inculcate your business requirements in our final delivery of your project and ensure we satisfy all your needs with a scalable back-end.

RoR CMS Development

Content management system development needs a thorough knowledge of best market practices for delivering a competitive solution. We create a custom CMS using the RoR framework that is maintainable and easily usable by businesses.

RoR eCommerce Development

The extensive experience of our RoR developers allows them to create multi-functional web stores for clients across various industrial domains. The robust backend delivered by our RoR developers ensures full-power security and scalability.

Enterprise Application Development

We have been serving all kinds of businesses from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our RoR developers are capable of creating web apps that are suitable for large-scale requirements of enterprise resource planning with a supreme level of scalability support.

RoR Based Social Media Websites

Backend is the essence of every social networking site and our RoR developers are well-trained in using its codes to deliver strong support for social media websites. We will deliver solutions that will handle the traffic influx seamlessly.

RoR Web Portal Development

Businesses have varied demands and ideas when it comes to web portal development. Our team ensures to manage every requirement and fulfills it by creating a custom and unique web portal using RoR codes with features like end-to-end encryption and high security.

Are You Ready to Hire Dedicated RoR Developers ?

01 Shortlist

After getting your request and understanding your requirement in detail, we will share the CVs of some suitable developers with you. You can scrutinize their CVs as per your requirements and shortlist them for the round of interviews with your team. In case, you will not find any of them suitable, we will share new CVs.


After receiving the list of shortlisted candidates, we will schedule their interview with you on an urgent basis. You can evaluate the dedicated RoR developers on various parameters like experience, expertise, approach, and communication. You can choose your team or ask for more options and we will proceed accordingly.

03 Onboarding & Introduction

The onboarding process is conducted in our team by setting up various tools for seamless communication between you and your hired team. We will create accounts on slack, Trello, Webex, or any other tool according to your preference. In the introduction process, a call will be set up to introduce you to the team and project manager.

Why Should You Hire Offshore RoR Developers?

Offshore developers are the best choice for businesses that are looking for fast, secure, and bug-free digital solutions. We offer experienced and well-trained dedicated RoR developers to global clients at affordable rates with the best results.

Vast Experience

In-house developers have limited exposure depending on the companies they have worked for. On the other hand, offshore RoR developers have extensive experience in working with clients from different niches and with complex technological requirements.

Zero Training Cost

You will not be required to train the dedicated RoR developers whom you will hire. As soon as you will prefer offshore developers over in-house, you can get away from the training process. Our developers are well-trained to work on your project and needs.

Maximize ROI

Every development process witnesses errors and demands prompt solutions. Being a veteran IT service provider, we understand this and this is why we delegate a senior developer for every project. They will resolve the real-time issues of your developers.


With your project, the reputation of the two companies will be associated. One is yours and the other is ours. We make sure the web solutions that our RoR developers deliver are of top-class quality with high-end security features.

No Extra Efforts

Maintaining a team costs more than just paying them on the basis of their hourly rate. By choosing offshore developers, you are hiring a team not maintaining them. All the infrastructural, safety and health costs will be taken care of by AquSag Technologies.

24x7 Support

Our RoR developers will be available for coordination with you and your team all-time on various communication channels. Our clientele has always appreciated our uninterrupted support. This makes development faster and easy.

Find the Right Way to Hire RoR Developers

Time & Material

This hiring model is beneficial for businesses that have short-term requirements and want to hire resources for a short duration. They can choose this option and raise their ROI by investing minimum and getting maximum. By selecting this hiring model, you can take complete control over the costs and time.

Dedicated Hiring

When you hire dedicated RoR developers, you will get full-time support for your project. This hiring model is perfect for businesses with long-term requirements but is willing to get the work done in less time. By hiring dedicated resources on a monthly or yearly basis, you are committing to fast development with a cost-effective approach.

Build Your Team

If you want to expand your RoR development team then this model is the perfect choice for your business. You can hire offshore developers at a rate that is up to 70% lower than the price of native developers of countries like the USA, UK, etc. By opting for this model, you can get your development projects done with high cost-efficiency.