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We Offer End-To-End Web & Mobile App Testing Services.

AquSag Technologies is a renowned web & mobile app testing company. We provide comprehensive testing and quality assurance solutions as well as quick support and maintenance. We employ the best testing methodologies along with managed crowd testing and mobile app testing automation frameworks that enable us to reach maximum test capacity in the least possible time.

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Our Full-Suite of Web & Mobile App Testing Services.

We provide robust testing services.

Web & Mobile Functional Testing

Our QA team performs tests under real user conditions to make sure that your app works flawlessly and fulfills all the requirements of a user. They also make sure that the backend functionality of the app is at par to clients’ expectations and it runs smoothly.

Web & Mobile Usability Testing

Our usability testing team makes sure that your mobile app has simple UI entailing key features along with pleasing UX design. By performing stringent UX/UI tests on your mobile application our QA team ensures that the product is both handy and easy-to-use for the target audience.

Mobile App Security Testing

Our QA team is equipped with robust mobile application security testing tools and methods to ensure that your app is completely secure. They simulate a hacking attack and identify loopholes. They perform complete security checks for both the app and the backend system.

Mobile App Test Automation

We follow a data-driven approach to implement test automation for performance, regression, and functional testing. Our QA professionals also provide backend automation testing services. Our team will ensure efficiency & high-quality of your app and make sure it is released on time

Mobile App Performance Test

Mobile apps may suffer performance issues due to weak signals, excess load, interference from other devices, etc. Our app testing team find & fix bugs related to scalability, load, stress, & reliability to ensure the best app performance. They also conduct backend performance tests.

Cloud-Based App Testing

We have expertise in cloud-based testing solutions like AWS Device Farm, Firebase Test Lab, Xamarin Test Cloud, Kobiton, and more. By using the potential of these cloud-based mobile testing facilities, we test your app thoroughly and ensure that it is of the best quality.

Accessibility & Compatibility Test

By performing compatibility tests various tools and methods, we make sure that your hybrid or cross-platform mobile app is ready to be used on multiple mobile platforms. We also perform quality tests for accessibility to ensure that the app can be used by people with disabilities.

Bug Tracking & Fixing

With index auditing, performance monitoring, and semantic source maintenance, we perform regular app maintenance chores such as managing patches, source code, and fixing crashes to ensure that your mobile app is completely bug-free. We provide full support for bug fixing.

Mobile App Maintenance

We offer extensive mobile app maintenance solutions that include app up-gradation, pre- and post-launch support & maintenance, on-demand support, backup & recovery, etc. Our experts provide suggestions for version upgrade, security patches, and functional enhancements.

Benefits You Will Get With Mobile App Testing & Support

End-To-End App

With adept and diligent mobile app testers in our team, we provide end-to-end app testing solutions.

On-time Delivery/

We provide cost-effective mobile application testing solutions and deliver every project on time.

Testing Lab

AquSag Technologies has a well-equipped testing facility with testing tools, emulators, simulators, & real devices.

Experienced &
Talented Developers

Our team of application testing services professionals consists of well-experienced and knowledgeable mobile app testers.

Technical Support

You can obtain quick and quality technical support as well as maintenance service for your mobile application.

Factors That Make Us A Unique Web & Mobile App Testing Company

Keep you brand reputation high by ensuring quality across your site
At AquSag Technologies, we provide unrivaled mobile & web application testing services to ensure that your app remains secure, competitive, and flawless for good.

Real Device Coverage

Unlike the other mobile app testing service providers that heavily utilize simulator software to assess the quality and performance of an app, we test applications on real devices too. Our testing experts run a quality check of apps on Android and iOS devices before delivery.

Smart Testing Tools

We utilize the best mobile application testing strategy & varied tools such as Kobiton, Appium, Calabash, Testdroid, Selendroid, Robotium, MonkeyTalk, etc. Our experts also have cloud-based mobile app testing solutions to assess the quality, performance, and security of your app.

Best-In-Class Testing Facility

We have the best testing facility with our talented app testing professionals who are highly-experienced and equipped with advanced technical skills. Our testing experts are well-versed in various tools and we have world-class app testing facilities.